Driveway Plowing

Driveway plowing is included for all residences in Greensboro, however you must submit the Request & Waiver Form to be included.

  • In order to be plowed, a driveway must meet town specifications, as contained in the Town’s “Driveway Design Specifications.” If these are not met, or if the driveway is deemed unplowable due to lack of maintenance, the contractor may refuse to plow your driveway.
  • Your 911 number must be visible from the road and be placed high enough to be seen above the snowbanks. If you do not know your 911 number, please call the Town Office at 802-533-2911.
  • Plow trucks will be deployed when 5 inches of snow have accumulated.
  • Please be prepared to move your car(s) when the plow comes to your driveway. This is especially important if it is blocking the drive. If your car isn’t moved, the drive will be plowed only up to that vehicle.
  • Driveways will not be sanded. If you need sand, you should call a private contractor.

The town has contracted with Brian Perry and Sons for driveway plowing. Please contact them at 802-472-6080 with concerns.

To opt-in to driveway plowing, you must return the following form to the Town Clerk’s Office before the plowing season begins: Driveway Plow Request & Waiver

If you were plowed last year and you did not receive a letter requesting that you make improvements to your driveway, then you will be plowed this year.  Residents only need to contact the Town Office if their driveway was not plowed last year or if there is some other change to report.