The Town of Greensboro, population approximately 811 in 2022, elects a five-member Selectboard. The Selectboard acts as a group by majority vote, not individually, and has authority over appointed officials and employees. The Town Clerk is an elected position. Generally, the Town Clerk attends to the general administration of the Town. The Treasurer and Zoning Administrator are appointed positions, as are the Town’s numerous committee and commission members.

The Town Clerk plays a central role in municipal operations. The role includes, but is not limited to, recording and certifying land and vital records, processing licenses, overseeing oaths and polling places. The Treasurer pays orders drawn on them by those municipal officials authorized by law to do so, maintains a record of the taxes voted, and keep an account of the moneys, bonds, notes, and evidences of debt paid to them, and moneys paid out for the various municipal departments.

Greensboro elects a collector of delinquent taxes. The Selectboard negotiates contracts with other parties, such as the Town Assessor. See Title 24 of the Vermont Statutes for information on the duties, powers, and responsibilities of municipal officers.